Our Mission:

Ascension Church is a faith community in the Forest Hills area of Queens and seeks to be an intellectually-engaging and spiritually-edifying resource to connect individuals and families to God through the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ. We wish to be the church for believers, seekers, skeptics, strugglers, and those who rarely or occasionally attend church.

Our Values

  • Celebrating Jesus
  • Community
  • Connecting to our neighbors through sacrificial service
  • Conversations that matter
  • Cultural engagement
  • Cultivating spiritual life through discipleship

Our History

In September 2003, a group of residents from Forest Hills and surrounding neighborhoods gathered at a local restaurant to discuss forming a Redeemer Presbyterian church plant in Forest Hills. Also in attendance was the Kytka family, who were native New Yorkers temporarily stationed in St. Louis.

The following summer, the Kytka family moved to Forest Hills. Along with a group of people who wanted to be a part of a local expression of the Church at large, they worked towards making Ascension a reality.

Ascension Church launched its first public service in April 2006. In October 2020, it became an organized church under the Book of Church Order of the Presbyterian Church in America. 

Our Neighborhood

Central Queens

Today Forest Hills and its immediate surrounding communities are home to peoples from 117 different nations (2000 Census). It has become the community to live in and raise a family in for people from the four corners of the globe. 


One of Ascension’s core values is promoting and building our community based in Central Queens. We endeavor to be a resource and support for the families and businesses in our neighborhood, desiring our community to continue to flourish in every way.

Our church community is Christ-centered, gospel-driven, and person-oriented through and through. Our union with Christ includes our union with one another. This means that the gospel of Christ is incarnated through and in the community of God’s people. Renewed image-bearers “image” the love of the Triune God in community for one another and a watching world. Happily, this creates a great opportunity to reach out in love to troubled, isolated and disassociated New Yorkers, who, because of the image of God in them, desperately long and yearn for connection. This means that we place a high premium on truth, authenticity, transparency, love, and relationships.